Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jane Eyre

by Charlotte Bronte

It is a beautiful love story of Jane, an unattractive governess, and Edward Rochester, the man who owns the house Jane is working in. Jane is an orphan, growing up in her aunt’s house, who dislikes her. Once Jane was old enough, she was sent to a school, far away from home, where she studied and later worked as a teacher. She was comfortable, but she didn’t feel like this was how she wanted to spend the rest of her life. So she found a job as a governess for a little French girl. Finally Jane was truly happy, she enjoyed every day at her new job. She loved her work and all the people in the house were so nice even Mr. Rochester loved to spend time with her. So after a while they became very good friends. Everything was so good, that Jane couldn’t imagine leaving his house any time soon. So when sometimes during the night weird things would happen in the house… One night she had heard the sound of a woman screaming with a devils voice… Another night she even saved Mr. Rochester’s life from burning alive in his own bed. Jane was more than sure that the woman who had started the fire. So Jane was very surprised when Mr. Rochester told her not to talk to anyone about her suspicions… As the time passed Jane and Edward became closer and closer. Even if there were many misunderstandings and tears, one day Edward proposed to Jane. She couldn’t imagine being any happier. So when the wedding day came Jane and Mr. Rochester were in the church when something unexpected and shocking happened…

This is one of my favorite books that I found thanks to another great book - “The Cider House rules”. In that book a boy in an orphan house was reading “Jane Eyre” and “David Copperfield” to the other children. He thought “Jane Eyre” was one of the greatest novels ever written even though he had read only two books in his life. I was curious to see if he was right and that “Jane Eyre” was really that good… so as soon as I finished “The Cider House rules” I started “Jane Eyre” and YES, it really was THAT good! There is such a wide spectrum of emotions in this book. Jane seems to be so strong and yet so fragile in the same time. Edward Rochester was an arrogant, rude almost cruel, yet so touching, sweet and loving with Jane. I think this is a book that everyone would enjoy. Anyone who appreciates the classics, love stories or simply well written books will simple love this book, it’s excellent!!!

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