Friday, February 11, 2011


by John Steinbeck
This is the third book I’ve read written by John Steinbeck and as I expected it was a truly great story. Ethan is middle age man, working as a clerk at the grocery store.  He comes from a wealthy family, but all the family money was lost. What’s left is only pride, a good family name with high expectations from his wife and children that he will become rich again.

The Author shows Ethan’s life with no real hopes of getting back to the wealth and respect he once had.  In the beginning of the book Ethan seems to be an easy going lighthearted person, then the last 100 pages shows something completely different.  The pressure of the idea of regaining his previous status in society makes Ethan do things he never thought he would do.

I enjoyed this novel from the very first pages till the end. It was details what made this story for me. Steinbeck is a master in examination person’s deepest thoughts and secrets.  I have loved every book written by this author. This is not a book you will read in one or two evenings. It requires some time in order to really enjoy and appreciate the deepness of this novel.

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